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WOVL Goes Global!

WOVL Goes Global!

Rev. Crystal July 11, 2014 0 comments

Multicultural Women of Faith

Women of Vision Leadership blog is a global blog! In the past ten months we have had readers from thirty-five countries all over the world! Women all around the world are reading the blog, and are receiving encouragement and support in their local ministry context.

Thank you for your tremendous global support!

I would like to highlight, honor, and spotlight the countries who have supported WOVL. We have had readers from Sint Maarten, Russia, Canada, Colombia, Germany, France, Denmark, Bangladesh, Italy, Ethiopia, Taiwan, South Africa, Belgium, Venezuela, Ecuador, India, Somalia, Turkey, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan, Ireland, Australia, Romania, Philippines, Tonga, Switzerland, China, and the United States.

When I look at the statistics of the blog, I think about women all around the world who are stepping into the calling God has for their life. I think about women pastors, teachers, evangelists, missionaries, apostles, church planters, bible study teachers, and workers in the kingdom of God. I think about women who are gifted and talented. I think about the incredible and mighty vision God has given, and will fulfill. The Holy Spirit is moving in ways we cannot fully comprehend, and I am so glad we can be a part of this revival and movement. God certainly wants to bring restoration and reconciliation to women of all nations and people.

It does not matter what the color of your skin is, or where you live. We serve a God who is the God of all nations and all people. It does not matter your economic status or educational level. We serve a God for all people, a God who brings people into blessing and wisdom. It does not matter if your past has been full of brokenness. We serve a God who is in the pottery business, and is willing and able to take each vessel and make it wonderful! I think about the scripture in Acts 1:8, which talks about how the Holy Spirit will empower us to be witnesses to every nation and all people. Thank you God for allowing us through modern technology to spread WOVL all around the world!

As we think about the church, we must always remember the church extends beyond our local four walls. We live and serve in a great Kingdom, which is full of different languages, music, cultures, backgrounds, heritages, and ways of meaning. We should not be afraid of diversity and differences. We should embrace diversity and differences, and stand in amazement at the whole creation of God.

Today, keep dreaming and believing. God is with you. God is for you. No matter where you are in the world, may the Holy Spirit empower you today. May God’s hand of provision come to you in your need. May God’s strength wrap around you like a big hug. May you know, you are a child of God, one of the Almighty’s children. In Jesus name, amen.

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About The Author Rev. Crystal Rev. Crystal Schmalz is a licensed minister in the United Pentecostal Church International, holds a Master of Divinity degree from Urshan Graduate School of Theology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Humanities and History from Michigan State University. Crystal has served as a staff chaplain at Barnes Jewish Hospital, has completed five units of Clinical Pastoral Education, and is a member of ACPE. She served as a ministry staff leader for ACMNP in Yellowstone National Park and enjoys the beauty of God’s creation. She served on staff at Life Christian Church pastored by David Stephens doing outreach, guest coordination, youth leadership, Sunday school, and music ministry. She currently attends New Life Center pastored by Garry Tracy, and is involved in teaching Sunday school, preaching at nursing homes, teaching Bible Studies, and helping people connect to God and community. Crystal loves to spend time with her husband Luke, and her hobbies include writing, “thrifting,” eating ice cream, and playing Settlers of Catan and Scrabble with friends and family.

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