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Women Ministering to Women Conference 2015 Part 1

Women Ministering to Women Conference 2015 Part 1

Rev. Crystal October 5, 2015 0 comments

Women Ministering to Women Conference 2015 Part 1

Thursday October 1, 2015

This past weekend I had the life changing experience of attending the Women Ministering to Women Conference in 2015 held under the direction of Jessica Marquez. The conference was amazing from beginning to attend. Over the next few days I will write about the conference on WOVL. Speakers for this year included: Bishop David Bernard, Cindy Miller, Jessica Marquez, Jena Grech, Sophia Monday, Susan Smith, and Aurelia Hopkins. Make plans to attend the conference next year October 6-8th, 2016!

In the very first session on Thursday, Sister Cindy Miller spoke a word to the women on some of the practical elements of being “successful” as a female minister in the UPCI. She shared a research project she had conducted, and the results of the research. The findings were incredible. Several women were surveyed, and these were some of the responses given to women. First, women needed to remember their sacred call. Every woman needs a time and place where God calls them, so that through every season of ministry they can go back to that place and know God has called them. In addition, women need to establish and maintain support groups in their families, church, and community. It may not be easy, and so women will need support and encouragement. Thirdly, women need to be feminine in their ministry. There is no need to act like a man, because God has called women ministers to be women ministers. The Church needs to hear the voice of women. If God wanted to call a man, he would have called another man. God has called you to be a female leader, so be yourself! Fourthly, women should continue in their professional development. Women need to always be learning and growing as leaders. This personal growth matures one’s ministry, and allows for opportunities to open. There is no need to push doors down and be aggressive, let God open the doors. Fifth, women ministers need to define what “success” means to them. A successful ministry will look different for each woman, and we do not need to compare ourselves to one another. Sixth, women ministers who are successful are faithful. There is something about being faithful in what you are given. Be faithful in the small things you have been given and God will be faithful to you. A seventh addition added by Cindy Miller was also to have a sense of humor. There will be times that you need to let things roll away in laughter instead of getting offended, angry, and then bitter. It was a wonderful session for the women, and started the conference out with a wonderful Spirit of expectation.

The second session was by Bishop David Bernard. It was a session on the Biblical and theological elements of women in ministry and leadership within the Bible. In this session Bernard spoke about the different passages in the Bible which affirm women in ministry and leadership. Bernard also listed several women who gifted the Church making up the fivefold ministry (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher). Bernard also gave some personal experiences with women in ministry, and advice for women looking toward licensure. Bernard gave good historical evidence of women who pioneered the Pentecostal movement, and gave statistical information for women who have their license with the UPCI. For more information, Bernard has written on the topic in his book The Apostolic Life (Chapter 33) and also in different articles in the Pentecostal Herald.

boothAfter the day sessions I went to the Church and set up the Women of Vision Leadership booth. I am so thankful to Jessica Marquez and planning committee for allowing Women of Vision Leadership to be a part of the conference. I met many women, and am thrilled we were able to get Women in Leadership: Small Group Materials and Ministry Articles into the hands of women at the conference.  My desire and hope is that Women in Leadership: Small Group Materials and Ministry Articles will be a blessing to you in your church and ministry. It can be used as personal devotion material, small group material, a Sunday school class, and/or a Bible study. It is designed for women of all ages, and has an easy format for using. All lessons come with instructions for group leader and members. Resources can be found on our website, and can be ordered and shipped throughout the Country. Please email suggestions and comments to womenofvisionleadership@gmail.com. Also, because we did not get a chance to hand out the free copy at conference, I have decided to email a PDF copy FREE to everyone who entered their name in the drawing!

The day sessions were held at the Cathedral of Pentecost under Bro Elms and the evening services were held at the Pentecostals of Cooper City under the direction of Bro Hattabaugh. It was a blessing to have the conference at these Churches, and a big thank you is in order to the churches and pastors! Thank you for letting Women Ministering to Women Conference be held at your churches!

As the time drew closer for service, the praise team was practicing music. As they sang, the presence of God was ushered into the sanctuary. Then Pre-service prayer began. Women gathered around the altar, and poured their hearts out to God in prayer. Many women had come from around the United States and world.

In the evening service Sister Jessica Marquez gave a keynote, and spoke about the conference theme “Daring Greatly.” She preached about boldness, and stepping out in faith. She is a fire preacher, and the anointing and presence of God rests upon her life and ministry. Her keynote set the tone for the conference, but her keynote was birthed in prayer and fasting prior to the start of the conference.

The evening speaker was Bishop David K Bernard. He spoke from the passage in Numbers 13 where the people saw themselves as grasshoppers in the land of the giants. His key message was to encourage the women to be defined by God’s perception and not our own/or culture. He began his message by using PowerPoint slides which showed different images which could be interpreted differently. This helped the audience visualize different perceptions. Throughout the sermon, women were encouraged to run after their calling and to know that the UPCI has always licensed women and that women have a rich place in our Pentecostal history and movement. There is a place for women in ministry and leadership in the UPCI! The service was powerful! The prayer was powerful! It was a great way to start the conference.

All sessions were recorded and are available on drop cards, and can be ordered. Contact Jessica Marquez for more details. If you missed the conference, get these recordings!

Tomorrow, I will be sharing more from the conference, and telling you about Friday October 2nd.

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