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Have you ever felt God was calling you to be a leader in the church, but you were not exactly sure if you could be a leader? Have you ever felt called to preach, teach a Bible Study, pastor, lead song service, start a small group, be a hospital chaplain, or plant a church? Do you have questions, uncertainties, doubts, fears, and anxiety? Women in Leadership is a small group series designed to help you think more about your calling, or the calling of women in the church setting. This series is designed for women and men, and can be used to help bring teaching on the subject of women in leadership. The lessons have information applicable to men in leadership, but the program has been specifically designed with an emphasis on women. The material has been geared toward women to help provide more resources for women who desire to be in leadership, and men who desire to help women fulfill their God given call and gift. This small group series includes six lessons. Each lesson is designed to help bring discussion and dialogue. The lessons are designed in an introductory fashion, and beg for more study and development on the part of the leader/facilitator and group member. Let’s get started!


 Women in Leadership Small Group Resources

Instructions for Group Leaders and Facilitators, Group Members, Confidentiality, Prayer for the Journey

A Word of Faith For You

Small Group Lessons

Lesson 1 The Dreams and Gifts of God

Lesson 2 Women Leaders in the Bible

Lesson 3 Women Leaders in Pentecostalism

Lesson 4 What About Those One Scriptures?

Lesson 5 My Calling: Different Types of Leadership

Lesson 6 Dear Junia

Lesson 7 Practical Steps and Living the Call

Ministry Articles

A God Who Is Painting Your Story

I Don’t Know What God Has Called Me to Do

Developing a Ministry Vision

What to Wear in the Pulpit

What Does Culture Say to Women?

Trophy Wives and Husbands and the Proverbs 31 Woman

The Issue of Silence for Women in the Church

How to Start a Women in Leadership Group or Project

Do I Need a License to Be a Minister?

Feeling Alone in Ministry?

Teaching a Bible Study

The Mask of People Pleasing

The Potter’s Message

The Ministry of Presence

Divorce Rejection Abandonment: Can God Use Me?

Public Speaking is Scary!

Sample Sermon,

Take a Step of Faith When You Feel Stuck: Jeremiah 29: 10-14

 Mentor Connect

 Ministry Resources

 Book Recommendations

 Single Women Hurting in Silence, $10 

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What does it feel like to come into a church service, group, event, or community and know you are lacking a critical part of your community’s identity? What does it feel like when you have experienced a loss other people do not acknowledge? What does it feel like to skip the grieving and mourning process of this loss because it is not culturally acceptable to grieve and mourn the loss of the dream of marriage and children? This program is an initiative designed for single women who have experienced the loss of marriage and children, whether real or perceived.

This program is designed to minister to these women by creating a safe space for healing, by dispensing much needed grace and mercy, and by bringing reconciliation to the Body of Christ. It allows these women to be connected again through their loss, and allows them to grieve, mourn, and be healed from these losses. Boldly put, there is a place for single women who are not married and do not have children in the Body of Christ, and these small group lessons are designed to bring discussion and dialogue on a topic which has not been given much attention.


WOVL Resources

 Grief and Loss Small Group Series, Coming soon…


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