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Rachel Gates Speaks From Denmark, “The Unfolding Dreams and Callings of God”

Rev. CrystalNovember 12, 20130 Comments
The Unfolding Dreams and Callings of God By Rev. Rachel Gates, JD, MBA In the broken seasons, seasons full of sorrow and sweetness, I have discovered the beauty of vulnerability, of being known…
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Your Life Picture Frame

Rev. CrystalJuly 23, 20140 Comments
There is a beautiful gold picture frame on the wall. It has curvy ridges, a wonderful design, and looks sturdy. As you walk closer to the frame you look for the picture, but all you can see is…
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Do I Need a License if I am Not a Preacher?

Rev. CrystalSeptember 3, 20140 Comments
This past weekend at The Deborah Project, a conference aimed at helping women get involved in ministry and leadership, there was a Q&A session. During the session, one of the women talked…
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