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Chilled Icicles on Sweet September days

Rev. CrystalSeptember 8, 20090 Comments
Chilled icicles on sweet September days resonate in the calm assurance that there is a hope beyond all human expectation. There is wonder beyond a free falling calamity that haunts the unexpected…
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Finding Identity through the Tears in the Night

Rev. CrystalJanuary 3, 20140 Comments
Finding Identity through the Tears in the Night http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1231735 At some time or another, leaders question their calling and effectiveness to those they serve. Many leaders have…
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Telling the Story: Rev. Carolann Parker

Rev. CrystalFebruary 11, 20140 Comments
Name: Rev. Carolann Marie Parker Age: 46 Vocation: I am a stay at home housewife (yes, this is a rarity), I work for the Kingdom of God. My husband and I chose to simplify our lives so we do not…
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