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Ambassadors of Hope

Rev. CrystalSeptember 5, 20120 Comments
Every day I become more aware of what it means to be an ambassador of Jesus Christ. As I walk through the halls of my job, I see people who are in desperate need of hope. Sometimes hope is not…
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Will Pentecostalism Survive?

Rev. CrystalDecember 7, 20130 Comments
The Metaphors of Our Pentecostal Past: The Holy Spirit By Rev. Crystal Schmalz Pentecostalism is a movement which resembles one constant: change. Maybe the reason for this is because of the emphasis…
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Tajuanda Michelle Carter Blogs on WOVL

Rev. CrystalMay 15, 20140 Comments
TaJuanda is a Christian Nonfiction Writer from Detroit, MI and a Michigan State University Alum. She presently resides in Baltimore, MD and attends Greater Grace…
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