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The Story of Jenny Wang, fourth year medical student (Now Jenny Wang, MD)

Rev. CrystalSeptember 8, 20130 Comments
God had shown Himself so faithful in my life. He has held me in painful times and rejoiced with me through amazing moments. Through it all, I have found the key is giving God praise. I Thessalonians…
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mirror on wall

Healthy Friday: Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

Rev. CrystalMarch 13, 20150 Comments
Mirror Mirror On The Wall… By Crystal Schmalz “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” I remember these words so pointedly from the classic Disney movie Snow White,…
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Telling the Story: Rev. Gwyn Oakes

Rev. CrystalJanuary 24, 20140 Comments
Name:     Gwyn Oakes Age:        79 Vocation: Pastors wife for 40 years, Ladies Ministries President, UPCI since 1993. Education: Some…
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